DUI increases premiums
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Are You A "Standard Driver" For Auto Insurance?

While you may not qualify for the cheapest preferred rate, most of us are Standard drivers, and will not suffer the 200-400% premium hikes the highest risk drivers face. Standard consumers are those insurers believe to be a little, but not much, more risky than the Preferred driver. They qualify for coverage by the company with slightly less restrictive underwriting guidelines and somewhat higher rates-generally about 25 percent to 30 percent above Preferred driver premiums.


You could be a Standard Driver if you have:

  Only 1 ticket or minor accident

  Less than perfect (but not horrible) credit

  Have not declared bankruptcy within the last 10 years

  Live in a middle income area


Standard Drivers do not have:

  Speeding or reckless driving tickets

  Multiple accidents

  Convictions for DUI

  To file a form SR22

  To file a form SR-1

If the above does not apply, you might be a considered a "Preferred" or "High Risk" driver. If you are high risk, you have to become standard before you get to preferred. As a standard driver, aspire to become preferred to lower your car insurance rates by 20-50 percent. To find out, we recommend ComparisonMarket.

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