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Getting your auto insurer to service your account

With down sizing, right sizing and out sourcing jobs overseas, many Auto insurance companies are running short handed. When you have one claim rep handling close to 60 claims a day of course your customer service will suffer.


Here's what to do if your carrier is not giving you good customer service:


Mention changing carriers Mention changing carriers, it cost alot for a company to aquire new policyholders

The auto insurance rep needs a specific goal  The auto insurance rep needs a specific goal. Request a time limit on documents or actionLike: I want my Statement by such and such a date."


Keep notes of names and subjects you talked to Keep notes of names and subjects you talked to while attempting to fix the situation. They may come in handy later.


one incident, with one employee You might have gotten a bad employee on a bad day. Don't base your whole experience with the insurer on one incident, with one employee.


It cost insurance companies to obtain new customers, and they want to retain your business (unless you are filing claims). Give them the chance (or two) to fix a bad situation.


If your carrier refuses to fix a customer service related issue:


 You can get recommendations from family,friends and neighbors about their car insurance carrier.

Check complaint ratios Check complaint ratios, the bbb, and hate web sites on any prospective new carrier to avoid trading one bad company for another.



use comparison quote sites Use different comparison quote sites so that you can see for yourself how much things can cost or how much you can save.

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