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Auto insurance tips when relocating

We recommend you contact the company you are with and ask them what the rate would be if you moved to such and such address. They will most likely ask if you will have the car garaged, rent or buy, etc.


Communicate with your auto insurance company

It's worth the extra call to your current insurer because if you have not gotten into accidents, you preserve your safe driver discount. Even if you've had an at fault accident, you may still be entitled to a loyal customer discount. Unless you are changing your auto insurance company.


Moving from a state that does not allow credit scoring for auto insurance

If you move from a state that does not allow credit (aka insurance scoring) to be used as a basis of rating the cost of a policy to one that does allow it, your rates are bound to increase. One exception is if you have outstanding credit.


Most States nowadays use insurance scoring (your credit report) when deciding how much to charge you for auto insurance. The majority of insurance companies use the theory, that people with poor credit, are much more of a risk of having accidents and filing a claim. Of course most of us would feel that is ignorant and very discriminatory, and this battle has gone thru the courts in several states.


Auto insurance steps when relocating:

Contact your new DMV  Contact your new DMV to find out what (if any) tests your car must pass.

If you have good credit  If you have good credit, move to a State that uses credit scoring.

new declarations page  Have your auto insurance carrier send you a new declarations page reflecting the change in address.

move to a State that DOES NOT use credit scoring  If you have poor credit, move to a State that DOES NOT use credit scoring.

rates  Sell or donate one or more of your autos instead of paying for re-registration.

  Compare prices from different carriers. Make sure the plans have similar coverage limits.
  Ask an insurer to pull your drivers license report. You might be surprised what's on the report. Some DMV's now suspend your license if they mail you something and it comes back undeliverable.
  Review the number of valid complaints against a company where you are moving to. But remember that in larger claims, A claimant will usually hire an attorney instead of filing their issue with their state department of insurance.

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