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The privacy policy for our auto insurance site - our commitment to you.

Revised October 13th, 2008

Thank you for visiting. When you use, you consent to the use of your personal information by us in the manner set forth in this Privacy Policy. Should you have any questions or complaints, please use our contact form.

Please check this page periodically for material changes to our privacy policy. If you object to some aspect of our privacy policy, please let us know and discontinue use of this site until we can address your concerns.

Information we may collect:

  We may collect personally identifying information (PII) about you.
  We may use tracking pixels and custom Javascript codes to track visitors progress through our site.
  We may in the future serve 3rd party advertising banners to our visitors. Those banners may include cookies which the user may or may not accept.
  We may deliver cookies or track the IP address of your computer.
  We may gather anonymous information about you for our internal purposes, and share any anonymous information with unrelated third parties (Non auto insurance carriers).
  We may receive information from those referring you to us.
  We may share PII and tracking information our agents who track the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

Information we do not collect:

  We do not maintain an online directory of users.
  We do not disclose, sell or share your personal information to unrelated third parties, except with the limited exception of buying auto insurance online.
  We do not send out surveys, notices, newsletters, spam or any unsolicited email. If you receive these with our information, please forward the message with header information to:


Our partners that you choose to do business with (Car insurance carriers) will / may:


  In the normal course of business, use your personal data in order to process your car insurance application.
  While supplying you online quotes, collect financial information which is directly relating to the financial services you acquire using our partner's services.
  Collect info about your driving and insurance record including payment history, insurance claims history, and information necessary for ongoing service, billing and payment.
  Order consumer reports relating to your credit, driving record and loss history in order to provide you with a quote.
  Provide the name and address of the consumer reporting agency from whom the reports were ordered upon your request.
  Ask for your personally identifiable information such as your name, phone number, address, e-mail address and social security number.
  Store "cookies" on your computer to save information entered during the quoting and comparative rate process, and collect technical data, such as your Internet protocol (IP) address, operating system, and session ID.
  Keep and update information necessary to provide comparative quotes and to service financial services.
  Our partners might receive information or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about you from our site or other sources and add it to our account information. By obtaining quotes or applying for financial services on our third party auto insurance carriers website, you are consenting to the ordering of such reports.


Data Retention Policy:

Data generated by employees or agents working on our site are to be retained by for a period of at least one (1) year after submission for which the data were collected, unless a longer period is required. Such data must not be disposed of before the time period referenced above unless changes are made to this policy.


Data means recorded information, regardless of form or medium on which it may be recorded. The term includes computer software (computer programs, computer data bases, and documentation thereof), and data of a ecommerce or technical nature. The term includes information incidental to administration, such as financial, administrative, cost or pricing or management information.

Data also includes, but is not limited to, IP addresses, names, email addresses, or other material contained in web logs, reports, or other media such as computer disks and machine printouts. Data includes website statistics, emails, phone messages, printouts, etc..

Rationale recognizes that the generators of data (Employees, Agents & Visitors) need to archive data they produced and that they have an interest in ensuring that the data are used in an appropriate manner. At the same time, recognizes that it has a legal responsibility with regard to access and retention of data, particularly data generated under sponsored agreements.

It is important that be able to document the results of web logs, complaints, user tracking, etc. both for the sake of meeting legal requirements as well as for the more traditional reasons of establishing priority for patentable items, determining and optimizing profit and loss, etc. Senior management obligations to discuss the responsibilities of data management and retention with other Employees & Agents. As a matter of practice, original data should be left with the senior management when an Employees & Agents ends their tenure at

Employees, Agents & Visitors should be cognizant of the requirement to retain data.
unrelated third parties


Advice on what to do if you experience:


Relocation  Relocation

Military deployment  Military deployment

Retirement  Retirement

Marriage  Marriage

Divorce  Divorce


Tickets  Tickets

Accidents  Accidents

Poor service  Poor service

Policy expiration  Policy expiration

Policy non-renewal  Policy non-renewal

Policy cancelation  Policy cancelation

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