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Are You A "Preferred Driver" For Auto Insurance?

The for profit car insurance companies want to collect your premiums and pay out as little as possible. Clean driving record, no accidents, high credit score = good. Accidents, DUI convictions, tickets = bad.


Think of the corporate profits eroded by wrongful death lawsuits each year. About as bad as it gets (bides storms or firms) for auto insurance carriers. A Preferred driver is classified as a lower risk policyholder.


A preferred driver for auto insurance is not:

  Very young

  Very old

  Very inexperienced (newly issued license regardless of age)

 Living in a minority or high crime area (aka The Hood).

  Getting tickets

  Having accidents

  Convicted of DUI

Preferred drivers for auto insurance have

  High insurance (credit) score

  Gotten married

  Stayed at the same address

If the above does not apply, you might be a considered a "Standard" or "High Risk" driver.

Many people aspire to get married, develop credit and stay in the same home. It's the American dream, especially if you are interested in lowering your car insurance rates by 50-75%. To find out, we recommend ComparisonMarket.

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