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Tickets affect your auto insurance rates; Driving records get checked when you apply

Some companies do not check regularly Because some companies do not check regularly, you may want to renew at periods particular to that company.

One ticket alone may not raise your insurance rates It generally takes 2 or more tickets to really double your insurance rates. One ticket alone may not raise your insurance rates.

If you receive multiple speeding tickets in a short amount of time If you receive multiple speeding tickets in a short amount of time your car insurance could easily double.

Court administration fees Large increases will start with your second ticket. That is why it is important to keep any and all tickets off your record.

Court document fees Your carrier may eventually find your traffic ticket and possibly back date your premium payment.

court security fees  Speeding tickets stay on your driving record for 2-4 years.

Court administration fees  $50 Circuit clerk's office.

Court administration fees  $30 County fees.

Court administration fees  $1,500 to $20,000 in Court fines.


Some practical knowledge to avoid getting tickets in the first place:

Court administration fees  Leave early, giving yourself some extra time to get to your destination.

Court administration fees  Avoid distractions by eating at home and not using your cell while driving.

Court administration fees  Don't use any mind altering substances before your get behind the wheel.

Court administration fees  Don't speed, which shows a lack of impulse control and maturity.

It pays to figure out what kind of driver the insurance company has you rated as. You could be classified as a Preferred, Standard, or High Risk Driver. If you are a Standard or High Risk Driver, read on those ratings and follow directions to improve your rating.

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