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If you receive a non-renewal notice from your auto insurance company

Your policy will no longer be in effect on the date that the notice specifies. Either you or your insurance company can start the process of non-renewal.


If you have not requested the non-renewal from your insurance company


points  Contact your auto insurance company for an explanation.

points  Get a copy of your driving record or other document that supports their finding.

points  Contact your state Department of Insurance and file a complaint.

points Shop around for the lowest priced auto insurance from highly rated carriers.


If your car insurance is cancelled by your car insurance company and your policy has been in effect for over 60 days, there could be other reasons for this:



 You did not pay your monthly premium on time.

 Your insurance company believes you lied in relation to a claim.

 Your driver's license has been revoked or suspended.

 You committed fraud on the application.

points A severe infraction on your driving record, like DUI or evasion.

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