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When borrowing a car, won't the owner's insurance cover me?

It depends if they have coverage and their limits, plus how high the claims are. Say you cause an accident in a borrowed car.If the amount of damages is over the amount of liability coverage your former friend had, you could be liable for the difference. If someone gets injured and sues, you could end up owing substantially.Just the legal bills alone could be high, if you have to hire your own lawyer out of pocket.


Doesn't my credit card insure my rental car?

It depends on your credit card. Some cards only provide insurance for specific types of cars, specific types of uses, some limit the length of coverage, and some credit cards only provide collision and comprehensive coverage.


Does rental car insurance (damage waiver) cover me?

The coverage you get from rental agencies may or may not provide liability coverage, or only provide a limited amount of coverage. If you rent cars for more than 10 days a year, purchasing non-owner auto liability insurance policy may be cheaper.


So whether you are getting a rental car or borrowing a friend’s car, you could still carry Non owners auto insurance on that vehicle. All major car insurance companies offer non owners coverage. This type of policy has been around awhile for individuals who do not own a car but still drive. Non owners auto insurance is popular for those who live in denser cities because many do not own their own car, but drive occasionally.


Non owners car liability insurance policies

Non owners car insurance is similar to a standard minimal policy with basic liability coverage, and it usually costs about the same as a liability policy. The difference between the two is that with non owners coverage instead of being insured for a car that you own, your coverage extends to whichever car you are driving. This type of policy will cover bodily injury and property damage.


Non owners car liability consist of two parts:


(a) Bodily injury liability coverage which pays for any claims made against you, plus your legal fees, if you injure or kill someone.


(b) Property damage liability coverage which pays for claims made against you, plus your legal fees, when you damage another person's car or property.


When renting or leasing, get non owners auto liability insurance coverage


Many states require a driver carry auto insurance when getting a rental car. One option is you can purchase temporary insurance coverage from the rental agency that will cover you during the time that you rent the car. This coverage will be in effect as long as the premiums are paid. You should consider buying more coverage then just the minimal liability limits to cover repair costs to the rented car as well as any potential medical claims.


Many drivers lease their cars now instead of buying them. Even though you are returning the car to dealership, you still are liable to damage.And most lease contracts will require that you carry an insurance policy with enough to cover damage to the leased vehicle.


You can purchase non owners car insurance from many insurance companies. But like all insurance policies, costs will vary from company to company. As always, do your research and shop around for the policy that offers the best coverage for the lowest premiums.


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