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Married drivers; How to maximize your insurance savings.

Marriage does have it's privileges. Auto insurance companies view married couples as safer drivers (Just be sure to notify your agent or carrier). A new multi-car discount from the insurer is a no brainer, assuming you each have your own car. Read More about Discount Strategies.


Domestic partnerships and auto insurance

Find out if your carrier recognizes domestic partnerships, and if they do, you won't have to wait until the marriage. You may have to register your union to qualify for the domestic partner discount. Make sure both partners are listed on the policy so your insurance company won't try to deny your claim. Read More about changing your auto insurance company.


Auto insurance secrets revealed

Not by us, by you! Before tying the noose, I mean knot, Find out about each others driving records. If you don't know about each others driving records, you don't know each other well enough to get married. If your spouse has multiple DUI's, should you have marrying them anyway? Again if you can't come to a compromise on auto insurance or accidents, should you be making a lifelong commitment? Your new multi vehicle (assuming you both have a car) and safer driver rating could be negated if you move to the bad side of town, or one half of your couple is a bad driver.


Can you get car insurance without a car?

When you are driving together somewhere, this is a perfect time to talk about car insurance. Don't converse about your insurance when your partner is tired, hungry, busy or cranky. You want to make progress, not argue. Will there be a conflict if one spouse wants higher limits, while the other wants the cheapest premium? Life is a negotiation.


If you can't come to a compromise on auto insurance, should you be making a life long commitment? Also your multi vehicle (assuming you each have a car) and safer driver rating could be negated if you move to the bad side of town, or one half of your couple is a bad driver. If neither of you have a car, consider getting car insurance without a car.


Consider not getting auto insurance together if:


tickets  One of you has multiple tickets or accidents

convicted of DUI  A partner has been convicted of multiple DUIs

high insurance car  One of you has a high risk or expensive to insure car

minimum coverage  One spouse wants minimal coverage and lower rates, with no middle ground


Assume you get married, are both good drivers, drive middle class cars, and aren't relocating to the hood.


Auto Insurance Tips for Couples


tickets  Don't wait to consolidate your policies. Married couples should save about 10 percent.

tickets  As a married couple, you may also want to increase your coverage limits since your income and assets should increase as a team.

tickets  If your auto insurance policy has a death benefit feature, name each other as the beneficiary on the life insurance policy.

tickets  Make sure when you get your new declarations page, your spouse is a named insured under a policy contract.

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