DUI increases premiums
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Discount Strategies for Auto Insurance

Poor credit rating means you could pay double what a person with good credit pays for auto insurance. Why? Insurance carriers figure someone responsible with their bills will also be responsible at driving.


Most insurance companies use credit scores or similar tools called insurance scores to help them determine how much to charge a potential customer.


What to do if you have a low credit (insurance) score?

 Find out if credit scoring is allowed in your State.

  Ask your agent what tier you are in. Ask them if your credit is negatively affecting your rate. Your insurance agent is required to tell you this information if asked.

  Check your credit score and get a copy of your credit report. Often there are errors in the report that you can have removed which will improve your credit score.

  Pay your cards on time and pay down your balances. Make sure you pay your utility bills on time as these can be reported as well.

  Shop with different insurers. Some don’t use credit as a basis for determining rates.


Why use our advice when purchasing your auto insurance?


Licensed car insurance agents available  Licensed car insurance agents available to answer your questions.

Get great prices on auto insurance  Get great prices on auto insurance with several clicks!

Comparison of the actual numbers with similiar policy limits  Comparison of the actual numbers with similar policy limits.

Selection from a variety of carriers, online  You can make your selection from a variety of carriers, online.

Not a one time sales lead  You are considered a potential client, not a one time "sales lead."

Your personal information is protected and secured  No personal information needed.

Select coverage instantly and get electronic verification  Select coverage instantly once you choose a carrier and get electronic verification in minutes.


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