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Are you a non standard, high risk driver for auto insurance?

High Risk (Non Standard) Drivers:

speeding or reckless driving tickets  Have speeding or reckless driving tickets

Have multiple accidents  Have multiple accidents

 Have conviction(s) for DUI  Have conviction(s) for DUI

file a form SR22 or SR1  Have to file a form SR22 or SR1

Have poor credit  Have poor credit

Live in da hood  Live in a minority / high crime area (aka The Hood)


The good news is you can't get a much higher insurance rate. The bad news is you could lose your license for a few more infractions. As a high risk driver, you could be paying 200-400% what a preferred or low risk customer is charged.


If the above does not apply, you might be a considered a "Preferred" or "Standard" driver.


What to do if you're an auto insurance high risk

If you have to become standard (before becoming preferred), you could cut your car insurance rates by 50-75%. Clean up your driving record (no more tickets). Fix your credit. No over spending. Moving to a saver area. Getting married will help from an insurance standpoint, as long as your partner has a good record. To find out, we recommend ComparisonMarket.


Why use our advice when purchasing your auto insurance?


Licensed car insurance agents available  Licensed car insurance agents available to answer your questions.

Get great prices on auto insurance  Get great prices on auto insurance with several clicks!

Comparison of the actual numbers with similiar policy limits  Comparison of the actual numbers with similar policy limits.

Selection from a variety of carriers, online  You can make your selection from a variety of carriers, online.

Not a one time sales lead  You are considered a potential client, not a one time "sales lead."

Your personal information is protected and secured  No personal information needed.

Select coverage instantly and get electronic verification  Select coverage instantly once you choose a carrier and get electronic verification in minutes.


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