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Auto insurance coverage and divorce don't mix well:

rates  Your former partner may cancel your coverage without your knowledge.

rates If your ex doesn't pay the insurance on their vehicle and has an accident - you will not have any coverage.

only listed as a driver  If your policy is listed under your spouse's name (you're only listed as a driver), you will lose your auto coverage when you move out.

married drivers safer drivers  Since auto insurance companies rate married drivers as safer drivers you will lose (about 10%) that discount. If you feel the rate increase if too high, consider changing your auto insurance company.

notify them about your relocation  If you have moved, an insurance company may deny a claim because you didn't notify them about your relocation.

liable in an accident  If you let your ex-spouse or children drive your car, you're liable in an accident, even if they aren't listed as a driver.

ex-spouse's credit  Your ex-spouse's credit will no longer have a good (or bad) effect on the premiums

multi car discounts go away  Any multi car discounts will go away.


What to do with your auto insurance if getting divorced

preliminary injunction no changes to auto insurance Asking the court for a preliminary injunction not to make any changes to the auto insurance policies. There are many other issues at hand.

If you are friendly after divorce  If you are friendly after a divorce, simply leave the insurance policy the way that it is.

tickets  Make sure when you get your new declarations page, your ex-spouse is not a named insured under a policy contract.

rates  Buy your own separate auto policy that accurately states where the car is kept.

listed as a named insured If you keep your old policy, make sure you're listed as a named insured. Write your agent and company a letter stating that you must approve all changes in writing, including cancellation of the policy. Another great idea is to get an umbrella liability policy for large claims.

rates Make sure that everyone driving the car, including kids and baby sitters, is listed on the policy as a driver.

If you are not afraid of random outcomes and trust your attorney (especially if your ex is representing themselves), you could let your lawyer and the judge work out the details of the auto insurance.


Auto insurance choices will have to be made

Cars will have to be sold or divided. You may forced to buy a cheaper / more economical car. If you stay with the same carrier, you could retain your loyal customer discount. When divorcing, most people want to separate most aspects of their life from their ex-spouse as soon as they can. Some insurance companies request that you make changes thirty days after the divorced is finalized.

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