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What happens with auto insurance while deployed


When servicemen and women are deployed on short notice, they often forget about canceling or renewing their auto insurance. Auto insurance coverage goes unused when someone spends an extended period of time overseas.


Auto insurance tips before military deployment

Before you purchase any insurance policy, it is a good idea to ask the agent or broker specific questions about how the company will handle issues related to the deployment of policyholders in the military. Each company's guidelines vary.


By shopping around, you may be able to find an insurer who takes the specialized needs of service members into account. It might be difficult to handle routine business like paying premiums timely or renewing policies when you are deployed.


Suspend your auto insurance while on deployment?

Some insurance companies might also allow you to suspend certain coverage while you are deployed. Most insurance companies use payment history and continuity of coverage as factors to determine their rates and eligibility standards. If your insurance lapses or expires while you are away, you could come home to find companies unwilling to insure you or only willing to do so at a higher rate.


For instance, some deployed service members put their cars in storage and cancel their auto insurance. This could be a bad move for several reasons. If something happens to the car in storage, they are not covered.


A lapse in insurance coverage will cause some insurance companies to deny them insurance when they return. Insurers that actively target the military will give you a break on your insurance when you're deployed, while making sure you're covered if something goes wrong, as long as the car is in storage.


Auto insurance while on deployment summary:

rates  If you are being deployed, don't automatically cancel your auto insurance.

rates  Find out the time period to reinstate before you'd lose your long term customer discount.

rates  Before you leave find out the policy renewal date

bank draft  You should be able to renew a policy early, even better if you pay annually, you will save the finance charge!

bank draft  Have your premiums paid by automated bank draft, just make sure you have finds available or have your military pay on direct deposit.

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