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Why use us when changing your auto insurance.

Our main goal is to bring you choice via information about how to get great rates on your new auto insurance policy. For service on your old or existing car insurance policy, you must contact your insurance company directly!


We have partnered with services that give you a wide spectrum of choices and premiums to choose from. No longer does the consumer have to solicit each insurer individually, but now can compare them side by side using our recommendations. is the brainchild of several former insurance agents partnered to bring you important options in your auto insurance. Not just another faceless dotcom, Autoinsurancechoices is made of real people!
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Advice on what to do if you experience:


Relocation  Relocation

Military deployment  Military deployment

Retirement  Retirement

Marriage  Marriage

Divorce  Divorce


Tickets  Tickets

Accidents  Accidents

Poor service  Poor service

Policy expiration  Policy expiration

Policy non-renewal  Policy non-renewal

Policy cancelation  Policy cancelation

A good time saver
Kelley LaBlanc, IA

Without the gimmicks, I got real rates from names I knew
R. Bailey, San Diego

You made getting different prices faster, and we got to choose
Jess Haden, Baltimore
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